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Guidewise for Employers

Overcome Implementation Obstacles with Guidewise 

Leverage our AI-powered technology, vetted member community, intelligent guidance, and trusted vendor network to remove the guesswork from your people management and resolve your implementation struggles.

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Intelligent Guidance for Your Implementation Struggles

When business coaches, educational bootcamps, and project management tools failed, we realized it was time to shake things up. Recognizing that successful implementation requires more than just motivation, we built a platform to provide employers essential access to the community, technology, professional guidance, and trusted vendors needed to strengthen their workforce, and overcome their implementation obstacles.


Welcome to Guidewise, the cutting-edge people intelligence platform that leverages AI and real-world experience to empower you and your teams to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Unlock better people-data to make smarter business decisions.

People are the key to successful implementation, but managing them can be a challenge.


By aggregating essential people-data related to emotions, behaviors, burnout, fulfillment, engagement, and many other critical points, our AI-powered technology not only manages your people-data, but also makes your people-data meaningful so that you can make smarter business decisions and get more done, faster.


Accomplish your goals with support and accountability.

Remaining encouraged and engaged while driving business and managing teams can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Our vetted member community of proven professionals is committed to holding you accountable to your goals and helping you thrive when times get tough.


We know how lonely the journey can be, and our community members do too. Providing a safe, supportive space to vent, ask hard-hitting questions, and receive candid feedback, our member community will be there for you so you never walk alone.

Get the job done with trusted vendors.

Don’t waste any more time or money trying to find reliable, trustworthy vendors through high-stakes trial and error. (Don’t worry — we’ve been swindled by the review boards, too.)


Through Guidewise, you and your employees can quickly and easily find proven vendors who are dedicated to implementing the best business solutions for your organization. 

Get things done and
grow with Guidewise.

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