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Comprehensive tools for obtaining real-time, quantifiable insights into how your workforce’s EQ and IQ competencies impact your company’s KPIs and ARR, along with expert guidance for interpreting and successfully implementing derived strategic objectives.

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1. Expert Guidance

We seamlessly integrate diverse data, spanning workforce EQ, IQ, and organizational KPIs, to accurately measure your workforce’s influence on your company’s overall performance and bottom line. This data-driven approach informs decision-making in project management, operations, and workforce management, ensuring your organization stays on course to achieve strategic objectives, while our expert Guides utilize these insights to provide personalized, human-to-human guidance, ensuring your people can overcome what’s holding them back. Each Guidewise member is assigned to an implementation team based on criteria including job function, industry, seniority, and career ambitions, amongst others. 

Our emphasis on intimate teams promotes trust and mutual accountability for personal and professional goals. Each team’s dedicated Guide refers to individual EQ and IQ attributes, along with their extensive people management and business experience, to address roadblocks, offer data-informed direction, and provide ongoing support, empowering your people to continuously conquer their personal and professional goals end exceed performance expectations.

2. Integrative Technology

Level up your organization with Growthdrivers, the AI-driven enterprise application that deeply understands the unique intricacies of your workforce and their profound impact on overall business performance and financial outcomes. By meticulously integrating a diverse range of workforce EQ and IQ data, including emotions, beliefs, behaviors, engagement, burnout, 360 feedback reviews, project management metrics, organizational KPIs, and more, Growthdrivers transcends traditional people management and workforce analytics, delivering purposeful, actionable insights to optimize operations and boost overall business performance. With comprehensive reporting at individual, team, department, and organizational levels, advanced analytics, collaborative 360-degree feedback reviews, and robust project management functionality, Growthdrivers ensures you maintain an accurate, real-time pulse on your organization’s performance, guaranteeing alignment with your strategic business objectives. Our unwavering commitment to data privacy, security, and anonymity ensures that your people’s personal details and other PII are protected and remain confidential.

Immersive Gamification
Through points, leaderboards, and badges, along with department and team management, Growthdrivers turns performance into a team sport, leading to greater engagement and fewer missed deadlines and abandoned projects.
Reporting, Analytics, and Collaborative 360 Feedback

Growthdrivers seamlessly blends your organization’s workforce analytics and work performance data, removing the uncertainty and guesswork from your workforce management. By integrating this vital information into your operations, project management, and resource allocation practices, you can strategically set your organization, and your people, up for success.

Web, iOS, and Android

Accessible on web, iOS, and Android platforms, Growthdrivers empowers organizations of all sizes to transform their workforce EQ and IQ data into actionable business insights, while supporting their people in maintaining motivation and confidence to consistently exceed performance expectations and accomplish their goals.

Thinking. Feeling. Acting.
Growthdrivers guarantees employers have an accurate, real-time understanding of their workforce’s distinct emotional, intellectual, behavioral, and performance patterns, enabling them to swiftly address and mitigate any factors that may affect engagement and performance.
3. Vetted Community
Navigating the challenges of work, both intellectually and emotionally, can feel isolating. At Guidewise, we understand the ups and downs of the professional journey. As a vetted platform, Guidewise ensures a safe, supportive, and trusting communal environment for your people. Members can connect with ambitious, goal-oriented professionals who have been in your shoes and are eager to offer their experience and expertise. Through forums, direct messaging, and other social features, Guidewise fosters community, expands networks, and provides a sense of belonging. With Guidewise, you’re never alone in your professional journey. Our community has your back!
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4. Dependable Vendors

Every hero needs a sidekick, just as every organization requires dependable support to bridge workforce gaps, achieve goals, and thrive. Yet, finding competent, trustworthy vendors for professional services can be a daunting task. As a Guidewise member, bid farewell to the wasteful cycle of trial and error in your search for reliable suppliers. The Guidewise Marketplace hosts a diverse array of validated, accredited professional service providers, seamlessly linking your organization to a network of reputable, reliable partners offering transformative services. When your company seeks dependable support, the Guidewise Marketplace is here to assist, helping you conquer challenges and drive your business to new heights.

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